Revolutionizing the Clean Transportation Industry with End-to-end, Lifecycle Program Management

Streemline is a program management and consulting firm dedicated to navigating the evolution of transportation electrification. 

Substantial growth of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) in the coming decade means the existing infrastructure will need to evolve quickly, and specialized program management practices will follow suit.

As a partner and guide, Streemline makes the road to clean transportation less complicated and more reliable. We are prepared for the twists and turns along the way, and we come alongside our clients throughout the many stages of program management.

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People + Process + Technology

Streemline is a hub of expertise, resources and guidance, offering direction and a path forward to our clients.

By leveraging our relationship with Kemp Management Solutions which has built or managed more than 350 projects within 21 states in the U.S. and abroad, we are able to bring the right teams together to fulfill the needs of the clean transportation industry. We coordinate our efforts in a comprehensive way by approaching the complexities of an ever-evolving industry head-on.

Legacy Expertise

We use our history and expertise to inform our approach, driving transformative change in clean transportation alternatives.


Our Frameworq technology is a proprietary tool in our toolbox that allows us to be effective program managers in this space.

Industry Experts

Our veteran program managers and clean transportation experts fill gaps and coordinate efforts.


We chart a course with our understanding, using our vantage point to lead the way and disrupt thinking.


Our systematic approach enables us to manage ideas while they are being formed – we don’t wait for an idea to be finalized, we get out in front of it.

Project Management

Project Management at Streemline speaks to how we operate as the “hub” to deliver our client’s vision. This part of our process would cover things like:

Project Planning

We start with understanding the client’s desired outcome. Then we apply our process and engage partner relationships. We ensure all aspects of the project are accounted for, such as permitting, design, construction and final close out.

Web-Based Management System

Our web-based management system makes every aspect of project management more efficient and promotes open communication between us and our clients.

Cost Management

We keep budgets on track and costs contained along the way, so our clients don’t overspend.

Project Scheduling

Impeccable schedule management and the ability to adapt quickly are vital when handling complex programs and projects.

Weekly Reporting

Our project managers will maintain a weekly status report document, constantly recording project updates and stats as they happen in real-time. You will most likely have a day of the week in mind for when to send it; however, the magic of a weekly report is that it can be ready within the hour if a client requests it.

The Streemline Team

At Streemline, we approach the complexities of an ever-evolving industry head-on, alleviating uncertainties and simplifying chaos for our clients. We build a strong foundation of trust through our track record of success and our pioneering of future endeavors in clean transportation.

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